How to fix the Bad Battery error message with EqualLogic systems

Dell / EqualLogic never created field replaceable units (FRUs) for the controller cache batteries used in different arrays, so there is no easy replacement. The common solution is to replace the entire controller with one that has a battery that hasn’t failed yet.

EqualLogic Battery Status Failed Error

Figure 1. EqualLogic PS4100, PS6100 Battery Status Failed

Unfortunately, purchasing a used replacement EqualLogic controller doesn’t always buy you much time since you’re replacing a failed unit with another aging unit. The majority of EqualLogic systems needing controller replacements are old and out of service, so new controllers haven’t been available for quite some time. The further down the road we get, the more likely it is that simply replacing the failed controller because of a bad battery message, will fail again within 6 months of replacement.

Dell EqualLogic PS4100, PS6100 Series Controller Battery Replacement

SPS Pros is the only company out there refurbishing and replacing these models of EqualLogic controller batteries with brand new ones. If you’re not buying from us, be prepared to replace it again within 12 months.

EqualLogic Controller Battery Logic 101

You wouldn’t replace your smoke alarm battery with a 9-volt from an old smoke alarm sitting around in a pile of defunct smoke alarms, so why would you replace a failed controller battery with another old dying one?

If it’s just a battery, can’t I replace it myself? Why do I need to buy an entire controller?

The answer here is fairly simple; take one of these controllers apart and find the battery. In the case of the EqualLogic PS4100 and PS6100 series arrays, they are not “batteries” in the normal sense of the word, and again, we are the only ones refurbishing them.

Extended Warranty for EqualLogic Controllers

We provide a standard 60 day warranty on everything we sell, but with a few items we sell that have batteries in them, we have a requirement that the bad units being replaced be shipped back to us. We provide a pre-paid shipping label so there’s no cost to you. To sweeten the incentive for taking that simple step of putting the failed unit in the box you received your replacement in and putting our label on it, we will upgrade your 60 day warranty to a full one year warranty upon receiving the failed unit back at our warehouse.

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