How To Replace an EMC CX3 / CX4 SPS

Replacing a faulty or dead EMC CX3 / CX4 SPS is crucial to keeping your EMC CX3 series storage system up and running. A faulty SPS can cause all kinds of performance issues and prevent your system from working all together. Learn how to remove an EMC CX3 SPS and how to replace it with our guide below.

Removing and Replacing the EMC CX3 / CX4 Standby Power Supply (Backup Battery)

Step 1: Disable Write Cache

Disable write cache through Navisphere. Right click on the array and select the ‘properties’ option. Once in the properties window, select the tab titled ‘cache’ and make sure the option for ‘write cache’ is not selected and click ‘Apply’. See Figure 1 below.

Note: Disabling write cache will have a negative impact on write performance, so it is best to do this during a low impact time.

Replacing EMC CX3 / CX4 SPS - Step 1 - Disable Write Cache in Navisphere

Figure 1. Disable Write Cache in Navisphere before Removing EMC CX3 / CX4 SPS

Step 2: Turn the Power Off for the SPS Being Replaced and Disconnect Cables

Turn the power off by using the SPS power switch on the back of the SPS being replaced. More than likely the SPS being replaced will have the amber colored fault light on instead of the green one. After waiting a couple minutes, unplug the AC inlet cable, AC outlet cable(s), and the interface cable from the SPS that was powered down. See Figure 2 below.

Note: The ON battery light may come on for a maximum of 90 seconds. Wait for the light to go out.

Warning: DO NOT unplug any AC cables connected to the AC power rail. If there are unused AC outlets on the power rail that are within reach, then plug the AC outlet cable(s) that were just unplugged from the SPS, which is being replaced, into these AC outlets. This maintains power redundancy while this particular SPS is being replaced.

Replacing EMC CX3 SPS - Step 2 - Turn the Power Off for the SPS Being Replaced and Disconnect Cables

Figure 2. Diagram of Backside of EMC CX3 / CX4 Storage Array with SPS Units and Wiring

Step 3: Remove Backside Screws that Secure the SPS to the Back of the Tray

Remove the four applicable pinhead screws that secure the target SPS to the back of the tray. See Figure 3 below.

Replacing EMC CX3 SPS - Step 3 - Remove Backside Screws that Secure SPS to Tray

Figure 3. Diagram of EMC CX3 / CX4 SPS for Backside Screws to Remove

Step 4: Remove Front Bezel

From the front of the tray, remove the front bezel and both latch brackets, which are
attached with a total of four securing screws. See Figure 4 below.

Replacing EMC CX3 / CX4 SPS - Step 4 - Remove Front Bezel

Figure 4. Front Bezel Removal

Step 5: Remove Front Fastening Bracket

Remove the front fastening bracket (which is attached with six securing screws) and remove the SPS. See Figure 5 below.

Replacing EMC CX3 / CX4 SPS - Step 5 - Remove Front Fastening Bracket

Figure 5. Remove Front Fastening Bracket

Step 6: Replace Empty SPS Slot with your Replacement SPS from SPS Pros

Repeat steps 1-5 in reverse order. When everything is plugged back in and on, the light on the replacement SPS may remain yellow for a few hours. If the light is yellow after a few hours, repeat steps 1 and 2, and wait a little longer (15 minutes) with everything unplugged before reversing the steps again.

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