CX-4G15-600 EMC 4Gb/s 600GB 15k RPM FC Hard Drive – 005049033, 005049118, 005049160, 005048952


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Maximize the performance of your EMC CX3 or CX4 series SAN. The EMC 005048952 / 005049033 / 005049118 / 005049160 / CX-4G15-600 is a 600GB 4Gb/s 15k RPM FC hard drive. All EMC hard drives sold by SPS Pros are previously used, fully-tested, and backed by a 60 day warranty against defects.

The CX-4G15-600 is also known as part numbers 005048952, 005049033, 005049118 & 118032690-A02. Various EMC 600GB 15K hard drives are manufactured by Hitachi with the unique part number HUS156060VLF400.

EMC CLARiiON CX-4G15-600 600 GB 15k RPM Drives

The EMC CLARiiON CX-4G15-600 15,000 revolutions per minute (RPM) 600 GB hard disk drives dramatically increase performance through improvements in disk operations such as rotational latency and seek rates – the factors that most directly affect access times. The 600 GB 15k RPM hard disk drives deliver 3.4 ms average read seek times and 2.0 ms average rotational latency times – both the fastest available for drives of these capacities available on the market.

Applications of the 600 GB 15k RPM Drives 005048952 / 005049033 / 005049118 / 005049160

Using the 15k RPM drives such as part numbers 005048952, 005049033, 005049118 & 005049160 in applications that use small block, random I/O is an important factor in realizing higher performance benefits. These applications have a tendency to minimize any caching advantages of the storage system. In addition, with applications such as these, the physical access to data on the disk has the greatest effect on overall performance. These small block, random I/O applications reap the greatest benefits from storage-system performance improvements achieved through the drive’s improved seek and rotational latency times.

005048952 / 005049033 / 005049118 / 005049160 / CX-4G15-600 EMC 600GB 15k RPM FC HDD Common Applications

  • OLTP
  • e-commerce
  • ERP
  • Database
  • Web Server
  • E-mail
  • Data Replication

EMC CX-4G15-600, 005049033, 118032690-A02 600GB 15k FC HDD Specifications

Fibre Channel
15,000 RPM
4 GB/s
Other PN
005048952, 005049033, 005049118, 005049160, 005049694, 118032690-A02, 0B24478, HUS156060VLF400, 118032726-A01, ST3600057FCV, 9FN007-031
Form Factor
3.5″ with tray
Platform Compatibility


EMC CX-4G15-600 / 005048952 / 005049033 / 005049118 / 005049160 Enabling Technologies

These performance breakthroughs are made possible as a result of improved HDD spindle motors, as well as head / media designs that allow the disk media surface to rotate at incredible speeds. The improvements include:

  • Advanced ferro-fluid bearing design to limit heat buildup and reduce power requirements.
  • Advanced motor stator design to improve power-to-revolution ratios and also limit heat buildup.
  • Improved head / disk interfaces, which allow for higher rotational speeds and improved head flying height performance and stability.

Additional information

Weight 2.25 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4.5 × 1 in


Drive Type

Fibre Channel (FC)





Form Factor

3.5 inch

Storage Capacity (GB)


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    High quality drives, and incredibly fast.

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