The NetApp E-X4047A-R6 is a 4TB 7.2k RPM 6Gbps NL-SAS 3.5″ encrypting (FDE) hard drive without tray for NetApp E5560 systems and DE6600 disk shelves. These NetApp E-X4047A-R6 hard drives sold by SPS Pros are new, and backed by a 60 day warranty against defects.

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The NetApp E-X4047A-R6 4TB 7.2k 6Gbps NL-SAS FDE HDD is also known by part numbers 111-01499, HUS724040ALS641, and others listed below.

NetApp E-X4047A-R6, 111-01499, HUS724040ALS641 4TB 7.2k 6Gbps NL-SAS FDE HDD Technology

NL-SAS drives have a SAS interface, but head, media, and rotational speed of traditional enterprise-class SATA drives, so they cost less than other SAS drives. This interconnect technology is capable of communicating at speeds of 6Gbps and is the technology of choice used in NetApp storage systems. Increase your available storage with the NetApp E-X4047A-R6 hard drive. When compared to SATA, NL-SAS drives have the following benefits:

  • Dual ports allowing redundant paths
  • Ability to connect a device to multiple computers
  • Full SCSI command set
  • No need for using Serial ATA Tunneling Protocol (STP), which makes it possible for SATA HDDs to be connected to a SAS HBA
  • No need for SATA interposer cards, which are needed for pseudo–dual-port high availability of SATA HDDs
  • Larger depth of command queues

Also, the NetApp E-X4047A-R6 4TB 7.2k 6Gbps NL-SAS drive is a self-encrypting drive. Full-Disk Encryption (FDE) technology combines local key management with drive-level encryption for comprehensive security for data at rest that doesn’t sacrifice performance or ease of use.

NetApp E-X4047A-R6, 111-01499, HUS724040ALS641 4TB 7.2k 6Gbps NL-SAS FDE HDD Applications

NetApp NL-SAS HDD with part numbers E-X4047A-R6, 111-01499, and HUS724040ALS641 is best suited for higher-capacity environments to help realize cost and capacity benefits. Sequential access applications have a tendency to maximize any caching advantages of the storage system, and take advantage of the higher density NL-SAS hard disk drives. In these applications, the speed at which the drive can transfer data from the platter has the greatest effect on overall performance. Thus, medium-to-large block and sequential I/O applications can reap the greatest benefits from the drive’s higher area-bit densities.

Some popular types of applications for the E-X4047A-R6, 111-01499, HUS724040ALS641 4TB 7.2k 6Gbps NL-SAS FDE drives are:

  • Disk-to-disk backup
    • Disk backup using traditional backup software. NetApp arrays are tested and supported with most major backup applications.
    • Improves backup and restore performance when compared to tape.
  • Large application datasets
    • Some applications, like seismic data interpretation, government intelligence, and life sciences research are immediately written out to tape due to their large size. When the tests need to be rerun, the data must be reloaded from tape, and then rerun. Now the information can stay online with NetApp NL-SAS drives and businesses can improve their operational efficiency and time to market.
  • Cloud storage
  • Massive Scale Out (MSO)
  • Data warehousing & mining
  • Disk-to-disk backup & archiving
  • RAID arrays
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)

NetApp E-X4047A-R6, 111-01499, HUS724040ALS641 4TB 7.2k 6Gbps NL-SAS FDE HDD Specifications

7,200 RPM
Other PN
111-01499, HUS724040ALS641, 0B26930
Form Factor
3.5″ without tray
Platform Compatibility
E5560, DE6600

Additional information

Weight 2.25 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4.5 × 1 in


Drive Type






Form Factor

3.5 inch


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