H700E-S0 Dell EqualLogic 700W PSU for PS6100, PS4100, PS6110, PS4110


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This Dell EqualLogic power supply, H700E-S0, L700E-S0 S700E002L, 2KWF1, 0R0C2G & 0DD20N, is compatible with the PS6100, PS4100, P6110, PS4110, PS6210 & PS4210 model arrays. Whether you’re upgrading your Dell EqualLogic storage system or simply looking for a replacement power supply, we have what you need. If you don’t see the part listed that you’re looking for, please use our Contact Us form; as we have many parts in inventory that are not listed. Please note that all Dell EqualLogic power supplies, systems and parts are used / refurbished, and backed by a 60 day warranty.

PS6100, PS4100, P6110, PS4110, PS6210, PS4210 Dell EqualLogic Power Supply

The Dell EqualLogic power supply for the PS6100, PS4100, P6110, PS4110, PS6210 & PS4210 goes by part numbers H700E-S0, L700E-S0, S700E002L, 2KWF1, 0R0C2G & 0DD20N. EqualLogic partsH700E-S0, S700E002L & 0DD20N are all a 700W, hot swappable power supply.

H700E-S0 / L700E-S0 / S700E002L / 0DD20N / 2KWF1 / 0R0C2G Dell EqualLogic Power Supply for PS6100, PS4100, P6110, PS4110, PS6210 & PS4210 Specifications

Input Voltage
100 VAC to 240 VAC
Input Current
6.0A at 240 VAC & 11A at 100 VAC Max
Input Frequency
50Hz – 60Hz
Other PN
H700E-S0, L700E-S0, S700E002L, 2KWF1, 0R0C2G & 0DD20N
System Compatibility
PS4100, PS4110, PS6100, PS6110, PS6210, PS4210

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 8 × 6 in





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