IBM 85Y6187 3TB 7.2K 6Gbps 3.5″ SAS HDD for Storwize v7000 Gen 1 – 2076-3303


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IBM 85Y6187, 2076-3303 3TB 7,200 RPM SAS 6.0Gbps 3.5 Inch Internal Hard Drive for IBM Systems

The IBM Option 3303 with part numbers 85Y6187, 2076-3303, ST33000650SS, ST3000NM0023, HUS723030ALS64 & HUS724030ALS64 is a 3TB 7,200K RPM SAS hard drive for use specifically with IBM Storwize V7000 and Storwize V7000 Unified Disk Systems. Whether you’re upgrading your IBM enterprise storage or simply looking for a replacement hard drive, we have what you need. If you don’t see the part listed that you’re looking for, please use our Contact Us form; as we have many parts in inventory that are not listed. Please note that all IBM hard drives sold by SPS Pros are used / refurbished, fully-tested, and backed by a 60 day warranty.

The IBM 85Y6187 3TB 7.2K SAS HDD is also known by part number 2076-3303.

IBM 85Y6187, 2076-3303 3TB 7,200 RPM SAS Hard Disk Drive Features

This is an optional feature for a single SFF 3tb 3.5-inch disk drive with 7.2K RPM speed to be installed inside either a 24-bay IBM Storwize V7000 Control Enclosure (2076-124 or 2076-324), or a 24-bay IBM Storwize V7000 Expansion Enclosure (2076-224). This feature may be ordered during an initial plant order or as a field (MES) order in any quantity from 1 up to the 24 total intermixed drives allowed within the enclosure.

IBM 85Y6187 drives use a dedicated load/unload zone at the outermost radius of the media to eliminate the possibility of destroying or degrading data by landing in the data zone. The heads automatically go to the ramp load/unload when power is removed from the drive. An automatic shipping lock prevents potential damage to the heads and discs that results from movement during shipping and handling. The shipping lock disengages and the head load process begins when power is applied to the drive.

IBM 85Y6187, 2076-3303 Tech Highlights

  • Ultra fast 6Gb/sec SAS for reliable data throughput
  • Built on field-proven, reliable design
  • Industry-best performance in a 7.2K RPM 3.5-inch form factor
  • High-performance 6Gb/s SAS for reliable data throughput
  • Large 64MB cache buffer manages data efficiently
  • Halogen-reduced design and industry-best power utilization for most eco-friendly 7.2K SFF hard drive

IBM 85Y6187, 2076-3303 Key features and benefits include:

  • First SFF drive to offer four capacity points on a single platform.
  • Industry-leading 0.44% AFR for field-proven reliability.
  • Drive to host SAS interface that supports up to 6 Gb/s burst rate.
  • Improves performance for faster data storage and access
  • Hot-swap capability.
  • Drives are SAS interface dependent.
  • Protection Information protects against inadvertent data change (Protection Information (Pl) feature requires Pl-compliant host or controller support.)


IBM 85Y6187, 2076-3303 3TB 7200K SAS Hard Disk Drive for IBM Systems Storage Specifications

SAS, 6.0Gbps
7,200 RPM
Other PN
2076-3303, ST33000650SS, ST3000NM0023, HUS723030ALS64, HUS724030ALS64
Form Factor
3.5 inch
Storwize v7000 Gen 1
24 bay models of Storwize V7000 enclosures: 2076 Models 124, 224, and 324.
(2076-124) 24-bay V7000 Control Enclosure
(2076-324) 24-bay V7000 Control Enclosure
(2076-224) 24-bay Storage Enclosure Expansion


Additional information

Weight 2.25 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4.5 × 1 in
Drive Type






Storage Capacity (GB)




Form Factor

3.5 inch


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