X1974A-R6 NetApp Flash Cache 2 1TB PCIe Module – 111-00903, 110-00201


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The NetApp X1974A-R6 is a 1TB Flash Cache 2 PCIe module that is compatible with NetApp FAS and V-series systems. Whether you’re looking for replacement NetApp components or upgrading your existing NetApp system, we have what you need. If you don’t see the part listed that you’re looking for, please use our Contact Us form; as we have many parts in inventory that are not listed. Please note that all NetApp components are used, fully tested, and backed by a 60 day warranty. Same day, expedited, and international shipping available!

The NetApp X1974A-R6 Flash Cache 2 1TB PCIe Module is also known by part numbers 111-00903 and 110-00201.

X1974A-R6 / 111-00903 / 110-00201 NetApp Flash Cache 2 1TB PCIe Module Technology

The cost of delivering IT services is under more pressure than ever. Hard constraints on budget and staff collide with expectations for more and better, and networked storage systems are a case in point. Providing enough capacity is easy. Keeping pace with performance demands can be difficult because, while they are getting bigger, disk drives aren’t getting any faster. Installing Flash Cache 2 modules with part numbers X1974A-R6, 111-00903, and 110-00201 will give you a new way to optimize the performance of your storage system without adding disk drives.

Flash Cache is a key component of the NetApp Virtual Storage Tier (VST), which allows you to optimize performance and reduce costs without increasing complexity.  We created these intelligent read caches so you can reduce latency and improve I/O throughput without adding more high-performance disk drives. Use Flash Cache modules to improve performance for workloads that are random read intensive such as file services, messaging, OLTP databases, and server/desktop virtualization.  You can also use Flash Cache in combination with capacity-optimized drives for many workloads to increase storage capacity without compromising performance.  Flash Cache modules give you the performance of flash technology without creating another storage tier.  The ability to cache large quantities of active data makes Flash Cache cards effective across a broad set of workloads.

X1974A-R6 / 111-00903 / 110-00201 NetApp Flash Cache 2 1TB PCIe Module Key Benefits

  • Automatically put active data where access will be fast.  Flash Cache modules put your active data blocks in the storage controller, speeding access by a factor of 10 or better compared to disk.
  • Improve performance for workloads that are random read intensive without adding more high-performance disk drives.
  • Flash Cache modules can be used instead of extra disk drives to provide I/O throughput. These solid-state Flash Cache modules use no additional rack space and consume 95% less power than a shelf of 15k RPM disk drives.

X1974A-R6 / 111-00903 / 110-00201 NetApp Flash Cache 2 1TB PCIe Module Specifications

x8 PCI Express
Other PN
111-00903, 110-00201
FAS8080, FAS8040, FAS8020, FAS6290, FAS6280, FAS6250, FAS6240, FAS6220, FAS6210, FAS3270, FAS3250, V6290, V6280, V6250, V6240, V6220, V6210, V3270, V3250

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